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This morning I attended the Dayton Marketing Community Big Idea Breakfast. What is a Big Idea Breakfast? It’s a casual format breakfast where speakers talk about their ‘big idea’ for 5 minutes and then have a 10-minute discussion.

Today’s event featured 5 speakers:

  • Peter Benkendorf, Dying City Symposium – Peter is organizing an innovation symposium based on the Forbes magazine article that cited Dayton as one of the fastest dying cities in America. The Big Idea is to invite other Ohio cities that were on the dying list. The symposium is planned for August 7–9.
  • Alan See, Austin Pike Interchange Twitter Page – Alan’s Big Idea is to use the Twitter page to promote the new Austin Pike economic development area. See Twitter.com/AustinPike_I75
  • Coach Steve White, Host Beneficiary – Coach suggests that two businesses can work together to benefit each other and grow their businesses.
  • Scott Hull, Visual Ambassador – Scott says we are forced to be normal … Mainstream thinking is to provide good enough solutions at a low price. Instead, he wants us to see a link between art and commerce. More information at www.visualambassador.com
  • David Esrati, Bcycle – David introduced an affordable way to get around town that is healthy and clean for the environment. More information at Bcycle.com

Thank you to the speakers for the taking the time to share their ideas with us.

It was a great way to start the day … positive people talking about new ideas. My favorite idea is the dying city symposium. What’s your favorite?

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