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Bing has undergone significant changes over the past year – a new logo and web site, fluctuating roles and responsibilities, shifts in the economy, and a broadening diversity of client work.

Unsung Hero

Binger Emeritus - Melissa Blevins

Our most recent staff change was the resignation of Melissa Blevins. She has been working virtually from a home office in Colorado Springs for the past two years and has done a fantastic job. Through her relocation and travels to Beijing, she has been dedicated and shown amazing follow through in managing clients, projects, and different timezones!

While we’ve been very thankful that we were able to extend her role with Bing after her move westward, Melissa has decided it’s time to look for other opportunities closer to home. We’re confident her professionalism will take her far. Thanks Melissa, for your commitment to Bing through the years and good luck to you in your endeavors! Take care of Martin the cat and Robert for us!

With so many changes going on, we decided to hold a roundtable to address the direction of the business, explore opportunities, and get each other’s perspectives on how things are going. Our HR consultant, Rosalie Catalano, facilitated the discussion and kept it on track through our banter. Several things stood out as we enjoyed our Current Cuisine lunches.

  • We value our communication channels and enjoy working in “unstructured” structure.
  • Each of us brings a dynamic value-add to their position, and we utilize each other’s strengths to explore opportunities.
  • Our ability to adapt to changing needs is a company strength.
  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is important to all of us.
  • We strive to be an efficient extension of our clients’ marketing teams.

Keeping a watchful eye on things like the economy, competition, and other variables that are potential threats on the business, we feel that we have stayed the course to keep our clients satisfied as well as our internal customer. In what turned out to be a mini SWOT analysis of Bing, we seemed to come away knowing it’s not a perfect company, but it has unique strengths that we all contribute to.

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Back to Corporate

Today, Bing bids farewell to one of the team. Account exec Carolyn Brock, who has been with Bing since January 2006, will spend her last day in Yellow Springs wrapping up loose ends, transitioning projects, and maybe even enjoying a beer with the team.

Carolyn will be returning to NCR Corporation in Dayton to work on internal and external efforts of the communications department. We wish her the best of luck as she moves to her new role!

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