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During our weekly staff meetings, Bingers are encouraged to share any professional development they’ve accomplished over the past week in order to sharpen their talents. Here’s a snippet of some of our recent skills shared:

Joyce Jones:

You can add a background to a PDF in Acrobat, and set that background to appear only when printing, only onscreen, or both. Here’s how: Choose Document > Background, select a color from the color picker, or browse to a file you want to insert as a background, and set its opacity, scale and position. Then click Appearance Options in the Appearance area of the dialog box. There, you can control whether the background appears on screen, when printing, or both. The possible uses for this are mind-boggling.

Laura Arber:

It always amazes me when you start researching or learning about something, the more you realize how much it is already being used around you. I started looking at digital publications last week and have noticed them everywhere, including in my Zappo’s e-newsletter. Same thing with the book Twilight; my sister told me to read it, and now it seems everyone I know is reading it. This week, I learned that it’s always fun to learn.

Joe Gauder:

I attended Updayton‘s Young Creatives Summit and realized how effective collaboration can be, given the right tools. It was good to see a significant turnout that genuinely cared about the future of Dayton. It’s time to work together and show how innovative and creative we can be at making Dayton the best possible place to attract and retain creative talent and generate some active growth.

Roger Starnes:

Being “off” on vacation allows time to focus on family and one’s self. It is very beneficial for one’s sanity! The hectic times we are in due to market conditions and the volatility of business can eat a person up, just trying to keep up. Those of us with homes, young children to tend to, a spouse, responsibilities at church, bills and such, find that too much pressure can really be harmful. This reflects on your attitude and your ability to be creative.

Melissa Blevins:

I attended a webinar on how to build a persuasive business case for marketing initiatives. When building the case, keep in mind the goal is NOT perfection (a difficult idea for creatives to swallow, I realize). Instead, you should try to demonstrate thoughtfulness and comprehensiveness. Use tangible measures and data whenever possible – and get stakeholder buy-in on the numbers in advance. Better yet, get your data directly from the stakeholders (finance, accounting, etc.).

Angela Brown:

In researching a problem for a client, I found that JPEGs that are emailed from Mac to PC users can become corrupted. These corrupted files will give the error “No Preview Available” when the PC user tries to open it. This problem can be corrected by zipping the JPEG before emailing it.

Joy Sutton:

I’ve been razzed by family and friends about compulsively checking my BlackBerry for new texts and emails, and I’m also guilty of checking Facebook or the latest news headlines on my mobile even in the middle of conversations with real live people. This week I learned that there’s a term for this type of behavior — infomania. I guess it’s time to seek help!

Nick Gaskins:

I’ve been investigating PDF SEO best practices with Joe’s help. Learning this is a big field with lots of places to make improvements. Should have some good implications for our clients who post lots of PDF files in hopes of making them easily findable, crawlable, searchable. Overall, we’re learning how critical it is to invest more time in developing a structured approach to clearly written content with appropriately hard-hitting tags.

Holly Shannon:

When moving a Binger from a MacBook to a Mac tower, applications and user data moved over easily, but the migration of e-mail data proved a bit more challenging. In order to successfully retain all e-mails, contacts, addresses, mail rules, and signature files, I came up with an easy process:

  1. Prepare Apple Mail data by filing all e-mail located in the Inbox. (Mail left in the Inbox at the time of migration will not transfer into Entourage correctly)
  2. Backup your current Mail database located in user/Library/Mail.
  3. Copy the entire Apple Mail folder to the new machine (replacing the default Mail folder) either using target mode or zipping the folder and moving via external thumb drive.
  4. Launch Entourage 2008.
  5. Since Entourage has never opened before, an option to import will start – Choose Apple Mail.
  6. Select all items EXCEPT for Accounts.
  7. The importing will begin and you should see all folders, messages, signatures and rules successfully populate in Entourage.

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