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About a dozen days after Ohio’s wind storms, electricity has (finally) been fully restored to Bingers’ homes. (Our office in Yellow Springs was lucky enough to regain power within four days of the outage.)

We’d like to thank all of your clients and vendors who were flexible during this situation. We tried our best to minimize disruptions to your projects and schedules. Ultimately, we hope you didn’t even notice that we were without power in Yellow Springs.

If you have any comments or suggestions about how we handled these circumstances, we hope you’ll share those with us. We treat every new experience as something to learn from … and “hurricane hits Ohio” fits nicely into that category.

In case you’re curious about how we “kept the lights on” for clients, see the photos below for a few of our virtual locations during “Blackout 08.”

  • Todd worked from a Panera Bread in Columbus. Panera had a two-hour time limit, so he had to strategically change locations throughout the city.
  • Selby worked from Wright State University where her husband is a med student.
  • Joe worked from his brother’s office in downtown Dayton.
  • Laura worked from her kitchen counter in Kettering, and Roger claimed dibs on her dining room table.

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